Ladakh: Passive Poetry


From the valleys to the lakes, monuments to people—Ladakh is a big bowl of warm melting butter!

Stark mountains in all the imaginable shades of browns, greys, blacks and even purple, vast sky in the most soothing shade of blue, clouds floating by like puffs of smoke—intoxicating. Calm. Fresh.

All that can be heard is the sound of the ripples of the pale blue waters and the swish of the leaves.  They might appear to be stoic but the mountains speak, they are somewhat like morbid poetry—colourless, without a rhythmic note, enchanting nevertheless.  Amidst all this, as if to add confetti to a chocolate cupcake – there are the tiny colourful gompas, the Tibetan flags and the wooden houses.

As cold and harsh as the mountains and the army camps might appear, the artistic contours of the ageing, the red cheeks of the kids and the warmth of the hearts…

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